Arts Education

Sl. No.Resource Centre And Music RoomsWrite “A” for Available and “NA” for Not Available
1 Resource Centre for arts Education with ET and ICT Facilities NA
2 Performing Arts Resource Centre with Mirror NA
3 Instrumental Music Room With Mirror NA
4 Vocal Music Room with Mirrors NA
5 Books on Music/Danced/theatre, journals & Magazine NA
6 Children’s Books NA
7 Teaching Aids NA
8 Audio-Visual Equipment-TV., DVD Player, Electronic Projector NA
9 CD’s on Performing Arts NA
10 Mirrors NA
11 Regional Musical Instruments NA
12 Basic Musical Instruments: harmonium, keyboard tabla, dholak/ Naal, Tanpura Hammer NA
13 Costumes, Jewellery used in various dance forms and theatrical forms NA
14 Costume ward NA
15 Instruments used in Hindustani & karmnatic music, like sitar, veena, mrdangam,/pakhawaj, electronic tanpura NA
16 Make up material NA